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“Business leaders often have nagging unanswered questions about growth, resource allocation or whether their marketing is as effective as it could be. The necessary raw data is usually there and the questions could be answered. But the time or expertise may not be available internally or addressable by existing suppliers. So who to turn to? David Cowan has the rare combination of skills and experience required.”



Forensics exists to help companies increase sales from their existing business. It does this using a rigorous evidence-based investigative process that identifies precisely where the consumer opportunity lies and how it can be realised.

Forensics was founded in 1990 by David Cowan and since then has worked across a wide range of sectors with CEOs and senior marketing executives in global and large UK businesses helping them find answers to the biggest and toughest business/marketing questions confronting them.

Questions such as:

  • How are we going to sell more to our customer base?
  • Where are we going to find new customers?
  • How are we going to stem the leaking bucket?
  • How can we fight off a new type of competition?
  • Where is growth to come from in the current economic downturn?
  • Should we continue to invest in this brand or let it slowly die?
  • How should resources best be deployed to achieve growth?

The work that Forensics does often pinpoints potential gains worth tens of millions of pounds to the top line. This is possible because the big questions above have rarely been tackled by systematically interrogating the fully panoply of data the organisation has. When this is done major opportunities which have been overlooked emerge.

Forensics investigates with a 'detective' approach which is original, scientific, wide-ranging and intensive. Crucially, Forensics demands hard evidence for any proposition.

The approach involves asking questions which lead to further questions and more questions until a full understanding emerges. It is only occasionally that new data is required. Forensics generally concentrates on finding the answers within the qualitative and quantitative research and data a company already possesses, looking for 'nuggets' of insight which, when understood and linked together, reveal how the problem can be solved.

The recommendations Forensics has produced have often been counter-intuitive, leading to courses of action which companies had not even considered before Forensics arrived on the scene.

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